3 must moves to build the LA Rams a better bench crew

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LA Rams Free Agency K Fuller
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Turning the corner

The LA Rams secondary certainly feels more robust than it had before the 2022 NFL Draft. But what if the teams wanted that last veteran player to glue it all together?  CB Kyle Fuller is at a point where he should be looking to sign a team-friendly deal just to prove his 2021 disappointing season was a fluke.

Oh, the hype was there when he landed with the Denver Broncos a year ago. The top-5 defense was the claim. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about signing a seven-year NFL veteran at the low tide of his NFL career and helping him to get his tide to rise once more. While Fuller is not a natural at playing zone coverages, he is still a physical battler who can jam receivers at the line of scrimmage, completely mess up the route timing, and then backpedal into the right spot on the football field.

Fuller fills the secondary

While he is a bit different at first glance from what the Rams will be running, he is a solid 5-foot-11 190-pound veteran who clearly needs a change of scenery and a chance to place on a playoff team. I think he would be amenable to signing the type of team-friendly deal that would be needed to get him signed to the LA Rams.

He immediately neutralizes small speedster wide receivers like Arizona Cardinals’ latest wide receiver addition, Marquise Brown. And the Rams will likely face more like him. Fuller is still young enough to play at a very good level and to get there, I think he knows that a one-year deal is a way to get there. The Rams are an ideal springboard to relaunch his NFL career. To get there, he simply needs to sign, show up, and be ready for the opportunities that will surely come his way.