4 unsigned LA Rams FAs remain hopeful on the market

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LA Rams Free Agency
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Even as the LA Rams selected rookie prospects after the draft to add to their roster, rounding it out to the 90-man (+ 1 IPP slot), the NFL Free Agency Market remains open. And as such, teams that failed to address roster needs or even thinner roster depth than hoped for are now going over their final roster and rounding out the rough spots.

Since those players who were on the LA Rams roster for 2021 and are still available make an intriguing addition to NFL teams, some are receiving some late interest. Others are simply waiting by the phone for the inevitable call to come to their team and play to finish out the season, or two.

The life of a professional athlete is a tough calling. The life of an NFL football player is even tougher. The game of professional football is a contact sport, a game that may leaf lifelong aches or scars for those who dare to embrace it as a career.  This is not for the faint of heart. The tolls upon the athlete’s body are many and constant. But the toll upon the mind, waiting for that phone to ring, is just as debilitating.

There are only so many roster slots to go around, and only so many dollars to pay those players. I get that. But sometimes the same fans that cheered for a player can jeer as soon as their contract is up. It’s tough for me to make that transition.  Playing time? Starting roles? I can debate that, sure. But it’s tough to witness how frequently the journey ends for some players who have contributed to the past year’s success.

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Here are four such players who are still awaiting that call, that contract offer, and that one more opportunity.