4 unsigned LA Rams FAs remain hopeful on the market

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LA Rams Free Agency Donte Deayon
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Defensive backs

The LA Rams had plenty of uncertainty over their secondary as both Darious Williams and Donte Deayon were on expiring contracts. While there was never much hope for the Rams to make a competitive offer for Williams, there was hope that the Rams and Deayon could come to terms.

Deayon may not have been Pro Bowl quality, but he did step in for the Rams when the defense needed him most. And while he is a bit undersized – listed at 5-foot-9 and weighing 159-pounds, he seemed to play much larger on the football field. The fact that he played a rotational role in 10 games for the Rams led me to believe that he was becoming a vital cog in the secondary machinery.

Deayon was dependable if not sensational. He was available if not a highlighter. Ultimately, the Rams did not believe he was worth the price to re-sign. They may do so later, as the team sorts through a dozen or so new and unfamiliar defensive backs.

Return to sender

The LA Rams made the decision to release veteran defensive back Kareem Orr just before the 2022 NFL Draft. That ended a will-he-or-won’t-he type of season in which the Rams played Orr the maximum of two games by activating him from the practice squad.  In those two games, he was a bit ineffective at pass coverage, allowing all five passes thrown to his receiver to find their mark.

While that cleared a roster spot, I am still a bit confused. He played 40 defensive snaps, generated four tackles, and allowed an average of just 3.4 yards after the catch. While that was by no means optimal, it was a starting point that a new training camp may have improved upon.

Now, he must await an NFL team’s offer to compete once more. Will the Rams give him another chance? I think that boat has sailed. The LA Rams have quite a few new faces to meet, drill, train, assess, and evaluate for now.

Four players who played for the LA Rams in their Super Bowl season, all of whom are awaiting their next chance to play football. We cheered each of them. Hopefully, we’ll continue to do so.

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