Football Outsiders declares LA Rams 2nd most fun NFL team for 2022

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There is an abundance of ways to view the NFL and the LA Rams, but perhaps one of the most unique (and entertaining) ways is to hold NFL teams up to the light of how much fun the team truly is right now. That’s all on Football Outsiders, where Mike Tanier asks the question of which teams will be the most fun in 2022.

Of course, fun is not to be equated with success, and that is what makes this NFL ranking the most fun.

The fun part about the fun index is that it’s a completely novel idea, and as such is just good for laughs. But for the sticklers out there who need to know what makes an NFL team fun,  Tanier lists his criteria that include: Team quality, Quarterback, Playmaker Corps, Defense, Novelty, and finally scheme.

The article that results is worth a read, simply because it is quite obvious that the article is itself a parody of the overwhelming number of data analytic articles that attempt to measure why the LA Rams won Super Bowl LVI, but in doing so concludes that the Jacksonville Jaguars, and not the Rams, are the true best team in the NFL from 2021 according to their data and research.

So putting the article to the test, how do the NFC West teams rank on the fun scale?

  • NFC West team         Ranking         Fun Index
  1. LA Rams                             2nd             112
  2. Arizona  Cardinals            3rd              101.25
  3. San Francisco 49ers        8th                62.5
  4. Seattle Seahawks          26th                  3.5

Well so far, so good. For my taste, I would invert the 49ers with the Cardinals. I’m just not a fan of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray right now, particle in light of the fact that he pouted in defeat in the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs last year and refused to take the field to close out that suffocating defeat.

And who cannot break a smile when you consider the 49ers quarterback situation, trying to get rookie Trey Lance onto the field, but still trying to trade away Jimmy Garoppolo?

But how did the LA Rams leapfrog everyone? How indeed

All in all, it’s fun. Life is too important to be taken seriously. So have a chortle, a snicker, or a loud bellowing roar of laughter if you are so inclined. After all, if you are cheering for the LA Rams, you are cheering for the second most fun team in the NFL.

Who is number one?  Nah, not giving away spoilers today.

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