LA Rams All-Pro Bobby Wagner will also mentor young LBs

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Sometimes reality is far more fascinating than fiction. That is particularly true of the LA Rams, whose five-year journey under the leadership of head coach Sean McVay and the logistics genius of general manager Les Snead has made for one helluva ride. The thrilling part of it all? Sometimes the tandem sees further around the corner than anyone else.

That may be the case for the LA Rams‘ signing of free agent inside linebacker Bobby Wagner. While many believe that he is going to solidify the middle of the Rams’ defense, an area that has long been a weak spot that opposing offenses have exploited, few have understood the long-term meaning of having somebody like Wagner on the roster to coach up the younger players.

But Coach McVay understands the value of that ability to mentor players. In fact, he’s counting on it.

So who are we talking about? Well, Bobby Wagner is 31 years old and has played in the NFL for ten years, the last eight consecutive years as a Pro Bowler.  Oh, and he is a six-time All-Pro too. Not too shabby.

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LA Rams ILBs about to get their PhDs

But the LA Rams have other inside linebackers on the roster right now. They are:

  • Name                           Age        Yrs    Gms    Tkls    Sacks  Ints
  1. Bobby Wagner            31          10     16      170       1.0      1.0
  2. Ernest Jones                22            2      15        61       1.0      2.0
  3. Travin Howard            26             4      12        21       0.0      1.0
  4. Christian Rozeboom  25            2        9          2        0.0      0.0
  5. Jake Hummel               23            R       0           0        0.0      0.0
  6. Anthony Hines            23            1        0           0       0.0       0.0

As you can see, the LA Rams may not have set out to sign free agent inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, but now that they have? Can you see what a tremendous difference Bobby Wagner will make on the football field?

But now imagine the tremendous effect that he will have on the NFL careers of five other players.  There is that unquantifiable effect of how Bobby Wagner will affect the careers of his young teammates. If even one embraces what he learns and improves, that has compounded the positive impact of Wagner’s presence on this roster.

Wagner on the football field is huge. But Wagner in the Rams locker room is even bigger and better. Just imagine if he can elevate the play of one, two, or even three of his younger teammates?

If you can, you have arrived at the spot where Sean McVay and Les Snead were weeks ago when they made the decision to sign Wagner to the team.

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