LA Rams unexpectedly clear 5 roster spots: Are signings imminent?

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Rams’ next moves: Rams roster

Well, there is the matter of signing players. Which positions will the Rams be targeting? Since I had already covered this topic, I will stick with my original thoughts: Quarterback, outside linebacker, and wide receiver.

While I would love to see the LA Rams grab a veteran pocket passer for a minimal salary, I’m already in the process of recalibrating my expectations of what the team will do based on the latest list of releases. I won’t lie, I had expected several players to be in play all the way through to the final roster cuts. Go figure.


While I would love to slot a veteran’s name here (hint: Nick Foles), I’m going to take a more practical approach and suggest that the LA Rams may be interested in taking a look at rookie quarterback D’Eriq King.

King does not give the appearance of an NFL-caliber quarterback. He stands just 5-foot-9, weighs 196-pounds, and poses the same problems as a quarterback that Tutu Atwell poses as a wide receiver. Namely, very questionable size and durability.

But he is a bit unique. He could be cross-trained into a wildcat role, a running back who can throw a pass, or simply as a special team’s matchup nightmare.  And he is a quarterback, the fourth arm for training camp that the Rams want. Who could say no to that? Well, the New England Patriots, who just released him. Curiously, that was just before the Rams made their own roster cuts.

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Outside linebacker

Will the LA Rams reunite Bobby Wagner with former teammate K.J. Wright? While he has expressed interest in coming back to the Seattle Seahawks, he was met by the ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ cold shoulder.  So what would the next best thing be? Reuniting with a former player.

The Rams do not need a Von Miller. The team simply needs a dependable veteran who can suit up, show up, and make tackles. K.J. Wright checks all those boxes and should be willing to do so for a very team-friendly contract. Of course, there are other players available. But I suspect the Rams want a unique combination of availability and affordability. K.J. Wright could give both.

Wide receiver

I’m not moving off the expectation that the LA Rams and Odell Beckham Jr. will find some way to navigate the obstacles and reunite. In all honesty, the latest release of five players, including the lone wide receiver added during or after the 2022 NFL Draft is a very positive sign.

But the most positive reassurance was the comment of HC Sean McVay, who stated with no hesitation that the Rams want OBJ back. What McVay wants, McVay gets.

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