Drafting the best LA Rams Fantasy Football roster value for 2022

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. . . Matthew Stafford. 10. player. 51

Matthew Stafford was very difficult to rank but he still cracks my top 10, coming in at that tenth spot.  I could absolutely see him making the top five, as he was close a season ago at number six, per ESPN standard scoring.  The one downside with Stafford is he’s certainly not going to get you many points in the running game.

That is unfortunate, as today’s game is loaded with quarterbacks that add yards and touchdowns with their legs.  In fact, the last rushing touchdown Stafford scored, not including the playoffs, was in 2016.  The one thing Stafford does have going for him is the LA Rams offense likes to throw the ball around and does it with extreme efficiency.

The biggest reason I didn’t rank him higher than ten, was simply the other quarterbacks available.  Quarterbacks like dual-threat Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson aren’t necessarily better NFL quarterbacks.  But when it comes to fantasy football, quarterbacks that can run, give their team massive advantages.  This also speaks to the larger number of quality quarterbacks you can draft this year, which is why drafting someone like Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes isn’t really a good idea.

Draft Stafford NLT Round 4

Of course, they won’t last long either, given you would have to take these two in the early rounds.  You can likely draft Stafford in the fifth round or even later and Allen or Mahomes will cost you as high as going in round two or three, maybe even round one in some larger drafts.  A season ago I participated in a draft where both Allen and Mahomes were selected in the first round.

I also like the fact that Stafford is going to be operating in year two of McVay’s offense, plus the addition of newly acquired WR Allen Robinson III.  In terms of fantasy football, Robinson may well be an upgrade over pre-injury Rams former wide receiver Robert Woods.  Also, he’ll have the return of running back Cam Akers coming out of the backfield who only adds another excellent weapon in the passing game that Stafford did not have a season ago.

Stafford is the ideal quarterback to target in the mid-rounds and you’ll be happy you did, especially if you can score Cooper Kupp in the early part of the draft and you’ll have yourself one of the best quarterback/wide receiver stacks in the game.