Bears Robert Quinn demands trade. That’s an LA Rams specialty

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The LA Rams are well-known to be white knights who enter an embittered player-NFL team standoff, trade valuable trade picks to the team, and emerge with a game-changing NFL player added to their roster. Well, it looks like another player-team stalemate is developing, and this time it is with a player who is quite familiar to the LA Rams: DE Robert Quinn.

Per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, Quinn has lost patience with the Chicago Bears organization and wants to be traded to a contender. He sacked the quarterback 18.5 times in 2021, and his $13-million salary for 2022 is a bargain-basement price. Unfortunately, the Bears refuse to discuss any trade options, creating a bit of a stalemate for both sides. In La Canfora’s view, Da Bears will ultimately trade Quinn.

But that is how those sorts of matters run over the course of time. Eventually, the player acquiesces and returns to the fold once more, the player and team come to a new arrangement, or the team succumbs to the trade demands and moves the player to a new NFL team for the best offer on the table.

More often than not, the best offer is that of the LA Rams.

This looks like a situation for the LA Rams

Since this situation is just beginning to hit the boiling point, I wouldn’t look for any immediate news. But if things do not improve dramatically for the Bears by the time the NFL Trade Deadline rolls around, you can expect any number of teams to be contacting the Bears over the availability to trade for Quinn. By that time, the Bears may be listening.

What will it take? Well, it’s hard to say what the price will be if that type of auction develops. Suffice to say that it won’t be cheap. And with the interest of multiple teams, it won’t be easy either.

Seems like a long shot? No more remote than that of trading for Von Miller in 2021.

The LA Rams are opportunistic. The front office is always seeking ways to improve the roster. If Robert Quinn eventually finds his way to the trading block, you can bet that the LA Rams will inquire. The team has a way of turning “that’s crazy” scenarios before the start of training camp into “how did they pull that off?” replies after making a sensational trade.

So we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

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