LA Rams Draft: Deep dive analysis into 11 top rookie roster additions

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams entered the 2022 NFL Draft knowing that they were outgunned. So the Rams’ draft strategy was to bargain shop. Not bargain basement variety, mind you. Simply to land players who were solid fits for the LA Rams scheme who could be coached into significant roles this year. Somewhat akin to thrift store shopping.

This is nothing new for the Rams. In fact, the organization is probably one of the most proficient at drafting late and signing undrafted rookies and then developing those young prospects into NFL-caliber players before their rookie contracts expire. The team has done so any number of times and continues to do so even now.

Fun Fact Recap

The LA Rams added eight players via the 2022 NFL Draft, traded for one veteran defensive back, and then signed 17 undrafted rookies. The team needed to bolster depth in the secondary, pass rush, and offensive line. The team also needed to add direct competition for starting roles in the secondary and the offensive line.

From even the most skeptical perspective, the Rams were able to accomplish those goals in the draft this year. While we will not know exactly how effectively the Rams were able to address their roster needs for some time, we can say with confidence that the team drafted wisely

Observation Room

Even as the LA Rams did not have early draft picks for the 2022 NFL Draft, the depth of the draft proved to be a distinct advantage for the team. There was plenty of talent for the team. Curiously, the Rams did not use a draft pick on a quarterback or a punter. Did that surprise anyone else?

The Rams approached this rookie acquisition period as one holistic effort. This was not about a tiered structure, but rather a seamless transition from the draft into signing undrafted rookies. The team did not emerge from the draft with a punter, a fourth quarterback, and enough pass rush depth. But this year’s draft was heavily weighted on Day 3. Seven of eight picks occurred on that last day of the draft.

And so, the pressure simply collapsed from a 96-hour window into a 48-hour window, and that pressure meant signing 17 additional prospects to the team.  If you wish to meet the undrafted rookie free agents signed by the team, we have already completed an article aimed at introducing so many new faces.

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But in this article, the scope is a bit narrower. We intend to aim at those players who may be more than a camp body. Of course, we could be wrong on some, but these are the players who, on paper, appear to have solid talent, fit a need on the LA Rams roster, and we expect will have a very competitive training camp. So let’s get right to it, shall we?