LA Rams Draft: Deep dive analysis into 11 top rookie roster additions

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LA Rams Draft Dacobie Durant
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Pick 142

The LA Rams needed to address their secondary in a big way and did so with their 142nd pick by selecting 5-foot-10 180-pound CB Decobie Durant out of South Carolina State.

What does the team need for this position?

The LA Rams need ferocity, versatility, and the ability to create turnovers in the secondary. While the Rams have the outside cornerback spots covered well for the 2022 NFL season, their biggest need falls to a slot cornerback who can deliver pass coverage, diagnose plays, and generate picks.

What does this rookie deliver?

While many draft profiles discounted Decobie Durant due to his small-school background, he played a far greater role in the team’s defense than many other defensive backs. In fact, Durant boasts a 4.38-second 40-yard dash, a speed that will allow him to keep pace with a host of speedy receivers. And the number of fast receivers in the NFL continues to grow each year.

Durant may be only a slot corner, but at the 142nd pick for the Rams, I’m hopeful that they envision a larger role. Durant is a dangerous cutpurse in the defense, and if given the chance to jump routes, he could be a huge addition to the Rams’ defense.

Who else was available?
LA Rams draft Decobie Durant Jr: Here are 2 prospects left on the board

Instant reaction: Durant is a curious pick in that he feels more like a slot corner than a defensive back who can contribute in multiple secondary roles. That could prove to be the case, as the team has a number of returning defensive backs, but now will have a fast coverage guy to take on the speedsters of some of the best offenses in the NFL.

Draft Grade: C+. Durant was clearly highly regarded by the LA Rams organization. I’ll be curious to see if he is earmarked for the slot, or whether the team feels he has a role in multiple secondary positions.