LA Rams roster shrinks by 1 as team cuts rookie DT Dion Novil

Mandatory Credit: 36 Mtsu V North Texas
Mandatory Credit: 36 Mtsu V North Texas /

The LA Rams are already beginning the snip-here, prune-there roster moves as the team moves through early organized team activities (OTAs) and readjusts the roster to reflect the new perspective on the team. Why act so quickly? Because this team depends heavily upon developing talent for expanded roles in the future, the organization is heavily dependent upon assessing and analyzing the prospects for their potential before investing up to two years in their development.

The LA Rams had already released OLB Andrzej Hughes-Murray out of Oregon State several days prior. Now the team has released another player, DT Dion Novil out of North Texas State University:

We had introduced DT Dion Novil several weeks ago, one of 17 undrafted rookies signed by the LA Rams. At that time, we described him as:

"“…the task will be getting him up to speed to play like one.He is a solid blocker gobbler and even flashes the ability to penetrate from the interior to get to the quarterback. But more often than not, he struggles to shed blockers. He needs to work on his hands, to get them firing out and deflecting the attempts of offensive linemen to grab and hold him in place. While he may arrive with a greater need to develop, he has a great attitude, a physical presence, and an eagerness to learn the trade.”- as per Let’s meet all of the LA Rams 17 undrafted rookie signings"

Novil’s release, much like that of Hughes-Murray, is a bit sooner than expected. The Rams are likely interested in adding another player, and I would spitball on either a quarterback or a wide receiver. But at this point, the dream of playing in the NFL has temporarily been denied for a hopeful young man.

Will he find another way to play football? Will Dion Novil continue to work out, and remain in ‘football shape’ in the hopes that he will be signed to another football team? Or will the investment of time energy and endless optimism finally have become too much, and one more NFL wishful young man now forge a life and livelihood from the Plan B menu?

The LA Rams roster no longer has the young nose tackle Dion Novil.  But for a few days, he was a member of the defending NFL Champions. Only time will tell if that ends up being enough.

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