Let’s give LA Rams A’Shawn Robinson his due respect

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LA Rams Roster A'Shawn Robinson
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When A’Shawn Robinson arrived at the LA Rams organization, so did the COVID-19 pandemic. Robinson arrived at 6-foot-4 but weighed a stocky 330-pounds, his playing weight for the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, that weight would not work for his intended role in the Rams’ defense. 330-pounds is far too heavy for the versatile role of sometimes nose tackle and sometimes defensive end in this defense.

Even as he faced getting fit for his new team, he had to overcome the chicken and egg matter of a non-football-related health matter when he first arrived as well. Robinson was unable to take the field with his new teammates due to a health condition that required weeks to get under control.

And so, the Rams were left to begin that 2020 season with Robinson struggling to get on the football field. Yes, he was finally able to do so, but that was midway through the season.  And that debut did not create nearly the memorable and positive impact that he had hoped to make for his new team. Still, he was not done with the Rams, and the Rams were not done with him.

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To show his true quality

Robinson flashed his true quality in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, at times appearing to be the best defender on the field. But with his health risks and 330-pound size, he was not ready for the versatile role envisioned for him by LA Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson. And so, the transformation of A’Shawn Robinson began, and the contrast to his playing form in 2021 was so dramatic that it was nearly the only topic discussed in this 10:01 press conference.

A’Shawn Robinson was given the recommendation to lose weight. It was helpful and constructive criticism, with the suggestion to find a chef, avoid certain types of foods, increase his overall flexibility, and ramp up his energy level.

And so, he took those suggestions to heart. Here he was, fighting to contribute to his new team and the coaching staff was giving him a crib sheet to do so. Robinson set about hiring a chef, enrolling in both yoga and Pilates, modifying his workout regimen from weights to strength training and then changing his diet to a vegan/pescatarian menu. That’s quite an undertaking for a veteran in response to signing on with the Rams.