Let’s give LA Rams A’Shawn Robinson his due respect

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LA Rams Roster A'Shawn Robinson
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Demolition Man

The LA Rams originally signed Robinson in hopes that he could play a significant role in the team’s run defense.  There were uncertainties about how much the LA Rams could depend upon him to stop the run. But more than that, there were uncertainties over just how well this defensive lineman could respond to teammates needing him to step up, to show up, and deliver his best on the biggest games in the NFL.

He also became a one-man demolition crew folks. Let’s turn to Pro Football Focus to help here. In the 2020 regular season, A’Shawn Robinson was graded just 45.6. But pivot to the postseason and he catapults to 76.5.  Let’s advance to the 2021 regular season, and Robinson played at a 72.5 grade. But inspired by Aaron Donald’s passionate speech? The guy became dominant, reaching an 85.6 grade.

How effective was he?

Hold my beer

Well, he put up 34 tackles, two tackles for a loss, and three quarterback sacks over the last six games. This is a man who averaged just 50 percent of the defensive snaps for the team. If he played a full season at that pace, at the 90 percent of snaps typical for a defensive starter, the numbers are astronomical.

Six games at 50 percent of the defensive snaps projected into 90 percent of 17 games equals:

174 tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, and 15 quarterback sacks. That is not a journeyman’s stats, folks. Those are the type of numbers that get a defensive lineman nominated for an All-Pro honor. That’s no bullshit. That’s just how this guy responded to the call of his teammate.

Can A’Shawn Robinson be that ‘Demotion Man,’ that I describe? Don’t ask me. Ask Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson. He believes that A’Shawn Robinson is that good. I just happen to agree with him. And I think that he is far more important to the LA Rams’ chances to repeat in 2022 than anyone is giving him credit for.

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