LA Rams We-not-me? Run it back rings awfully hollow right now

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(Photo by Patrick T. FALLON / AFP) (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images) /
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A path to making everybody happy, or not

On the surface, this may not be the impasse that some are making it out to be. $30 million per year from the LA Rams, and another $5 million in endorsement deals, seems very doable. How? With voidable years, a huge signing bonus, and the multi-year duration that allows the Rams to place a huge bonus into many bite-sized chunks over the future.

But here is where the LA Rams are finding friction. The team has depended heavily upon their data analytics to clarify the obscurity over personnel decisions in contract negotiations. Even as the Rams wanted to re-sign Von Miller, the offer made by the Buffalo Bills exceeded their estimation of his value in the LA Rams’ view. And so, they allowed him to sign elsewhere.

Magic eight ball? What is my number?

What is Aaron Donald’s magic number? What is the LA Rams magic number for Aaron Donald? Could it be that the LA Rams simply cannot justify cutting a blank check for one player, even if that player is Aaron Donald? Now, don’t get emotional, I’m simply raising that point of two sides, both building a bridge to the other side from opposite banks of the river. But what if they simply cannot make the ends meet in the middle?

Well, social media is more than happy to find humor in this situation, just as we have found mirth in the San Francisco 49ers’ troubles with Deebo Samuel, the Arizona Cardinals’ trouble with Kyler Murray, and the Seattle Seahawks’ troubles with quarterback Russell Wilson that prompted the team to trade him away for the highest return.

Now, it seems that NFC West teams have something to chuckle about.