LA Rams: 5 greatest quarterbacks in franchise history

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Marc Bulger. 4. player. 51. . .

Marc Bulger is my number four quarterback in Rams franchise history.  When you look at the wins and losses, you come away unimpressed.  Bulger was with the team from 2002 to 2009 and the St. Louis Rams only won 41 games during his time with the team and lost 54 but if you take a look at his stats, you come away questioning if the losses were necessarily a result of his performance.

Bulger’s completion rate of 62.1 percent is fourth overall in Rams franchise history. Beyond that, he compiled 22,814 passing yards, second only to Jim Everett.  He’s third in passing touchdowns with 122 passing touchdowns. But breaking down the numbers even further reveals even more reasons why he makes this list.

For example, he averaged 237.6 yards per game over his career, which is good enough for fourth all-time, and an incredibly low interception rate of 2.9 percent, which is again the fourth-best rate among Rams quarterbacks.  His touchdown rate was not very high at 3.8 percent, which barely lands him in the top 15. But he was throwing to the sunset years of Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce, not to their prime time seasons.

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Bulger was Warner’s successor

Bulger would get his first start during the 2003 season and combined with Kurt Warner to help the team to a 12 – 4 record.  From that robust start out of the gates, he would become the full-time starter in 2004 and the team posted 34 wins in his first four seasons.  Bulger’s career as the starting quarterback began very well, being voted to the NFC Pro Bowl roster twice in his first four seasons: Both in 2003 and in 2006.

Bulger was very challenging to rank as a quarterback. His career showcased statistics that were quite impressive in some areas. but not so much in others. Compounding the matter even further was the fact that the team constructed around him simply was not very good during the majority of his time as the starting quarterback.  The team would go through five different head coaches, would experience an ever-aging roster, and suffer from significant roster turnover from the Super Bowl years.

It became so bad that the Saint Louis Rams were full-on rebuild midway through Bulger’s career.

How different could Marc Bulger’s career have been if he was the starting quarterback with the Super Bowl rosters of 1999 and 2001?  In my opinion, he was more than capable and could have put up some amazing numbers. He may have been good enough to have potentially won more than one Super Bowl with the Rams roster.