What if…? LA Rams Aaron Donald does indeed make good on threats to retire?

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LA Rams rumors Jason Pierre-Paul
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Free-agent DL option IV:

Another Buccaneers defender who could provide a one-year segue for the LA Rams is defensive end/outside linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul. While you could make the argument that he is less effective today than in years past, his versatility at being an option for the team either as an outside linebacker or as a defensive end is enough to keep him on the radar as a possible short-term roster patch.

2021 was the first year where his production suffered a dramatic drop. Could a change of zip code revitalize his production? I think it could help dramatically. But it’s not like the LA Rams have any salve to help out the guy. He missed five games last year due to a nagging knee injury. In the off-season, he’s gotten that cleaned up.

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Back to basics

He had off-season surgery on his knee, as explained by NFL Insider Ian Rapoport.

With his knee repaired, he could and should be expected to return to his pre-injury self. So what could that mean? Well, plenty of quarterback pressure for starters. Whether he uses a two-point stance or a hand in the dirt, he has been solid at getting to the opposing quarterback. But he adds another ‘wrinkle’ in terms of applying quarterback pressure.

With Bobby Wagner and Ernest Jones in the middle of the defense, the Rams could opt to generate some pass rush up the gut. So having a guy like JPP, who can pull up and get back into pass coverage, could be a highly effective strategy to surprise offensive linemen who line up to block air and space. And if AD does return, JPP can simply line up at the outside linebacker position.