LA Rams running backs, boots, and burning past RB projections

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams began the 2021 NFL off-season training program at the running back position with a great deal of optimism. The team boasted a handful of players at the position, all of whom had optimistic hopes to be true contributors to the team’s offensive arsenal for 2021. The players were Raymond Calais, Xavier Jones, Darrell Henderson Jr., Cam Akers, and even rookie Jake Funk.

It was a team of high hopes and thick roster depth, and then 2021 happened. Rather, the injury storm of 2021 happened, and the team was down to a partially healthy Henderson and sometimes healthy Funk.

So the LA Rams drafted Notre Dame RB Kyren Williams. With his fresh legs, and the return to health of all of last year’s rushers, the LA Rams ground assault was back, or so we thought. But then, 2022 happened, and already we appear to be getting some foreshadowing of things to come:

And so, here we go . . . again?

While it’s not time to panic, it’s clearly a warning shot off the bow once more. And that is all I need to go back and rule out all of my previous predictions and projections at the LA Rams running back position.

Durability is a basic foundation of NFL performance, and somehow that attribute appears to be on hiatus when it comes to running backs on the Rams team. I know that professional football is a tough sport, but we are still in tee shirts, and shorts, and are only playing catch so far. And the durable rookie, Kyren Williams, is already in a boot?

While I typically am the optimistic one, I have to admit that I’m pulling all of my projections for the LA Rams rushing offense for the 2022 season off the table temporarily.  Why? Well, I had expected Kyren Williams to put pressure on Darrell Henderson, particularly if Henderson struggled to remain healthy. But I didn’t have any warning that Kyren Williams would be the first to falter in training camp. Just a minor matter? Probably. But after last season, I’m a bit gun shy.

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