LA Rams OLB Leonard Floyd ankle surgery has him back on track

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LA Rams roster Von Miller
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Rams Roster – OLB

So while we look over the Rams roster, who did we lose in the offseason? Well, in terms of snaps played, the loss is not insurmountable. In terms of players? Well, there is nobody who can replace Von Miller. But what about his snaps and production?

Name                       Snaps     Tkls       Sacks
Von Miller                 434         31           5.0
Obo Okoronkwo      255        15           2.0
Justin Lawler              18           1           0

On paper, if the Rams get solid production out of Lewis, Garrett, and a full healthy season out of Justin Hollins, there is the potential for those three players to add 7.0 quarterback sacks and 46 tackles by absorbing 707 defensive snaps.

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LA Rams Roster: New faces

Daniel Hardy           6-foot-3   240-pounds   Montana St.

Braydon Thomas    6-foot-3  260-pounds   N. Dakota St.
Keir Thomas             6-foot-2  275-pounds   Florida State
Benton Whitley       6-foot-4  260-pounds   Holy Cross

All of the new arrivals bring three things to the LA Rams defense. All are intensely focused players who want to improve their overall game; all are very coachable, possessing a level of maturity usually only seen in older players; and all want to win, and will put in the time, energy, and training to help the LA Rams do so.

While we cannot say for certain who, if any, of the rookie outside linebackers will make a positive and earn a place on this roster for the 2022 NFL season, the belief is that at least one will do so. And with rules relaxing for practice squad players, allowing for NFL teams to activate players from their practice squad three times over the course of a season, the LA Rams have the potential to treat practice squad players as an extension of their 53-man roster. But there is even more news: