LA Rams OLB Leonard Floyd ankle surgery has him back on track

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So now, as promised, here is where we talk about the rest of the story. In his discussion with The Atheltic’s Jourdan Rodrigue, Floyd admitted that his ankle was so sore that he was unable to even walk around his house. But, to show up and start for the LA Rams all season, he continued to endure the off-field pain to ensure that the Rams would be okay at the position.

So that ankle injury has been addressed. Right now, except for the fact that he is on the mend, has a clean bill of health for the 2022 NFL season.

So the LA Rams were truly up against it last year, and in the rear view mirror ended up at a point where one more tweak, bruise, or twist may have been disastrous for the team.

How is this positive news for the LA Rams defense?

Leonard Floyd was on track for a career-high season playing in the LA Rams defense in 2021, despite the ankle injury. But that ceased when the team reinforced the position by trading for veteran OLB Von Miller.  Now, we find that another contributing fact was the fact that Leonard Floyd was playing on a bad wheel for almost the entire season.

While each season is a new set of challenges and opportunities, the circumstances of the 2021 NFL season leave room for optimism over the chances to win in the 2022 NFL season. If the Rams get healthy seasons out of Terrell Lewis and Justin Hollins, keep Leonard Floyd injury-free, and get productive play out of Chris Garrett.

Now, this defense has four more players to coach up, any one of which could be a contributor to the team this year. While the LA Rams pass rush truly tethered at the edge last year, the LA Rams front office has done their part to help the group perform much better this year. And with a healthy veteran Leonard Floyd leading the way, there are plenty of reasons to believe they can do their part this year.

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