Exactly how long will the LA Rams SB window stay open?

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Plays and incidentals

But the true shelf life for the LA Rams’ chances go beyond the players, go beyond the playbook, and perhaps to the fundamental philosophy by which the LA Rams organization conducts itself each year.  This is a team that dares to do things differently. This is a team that has swum against the NFL current for years, and that philosophy has finally hit the jackpot.

Other NFL teams have realized that the Rams are onto something, but they are already five years behind the times.

If you look back at how the LA Rams constructed the offense for the 2021 NFL season, the team envisioned a passing attack of route runners and speedsters who would threaten the back end of defenses. This year, the LA Rams offense has route runners, speedsters who can threaten the back end of defenses, physical receivers who flourish by making contested catches, and perhaps the emergence of a TE/WR hybrid who is incredibly tall but astonishingly fast.

And veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is back in the fold, a quarterback who has proven to have the ability to make the reads and throw to the right receiver.

Rams DC Raheem Morris finally gets his defense

Perhaps the greatest reason to be optimistic about the LA Rams’ chances to win another Super Bowl lies on the defensive side of the ball. As so many fans called for the immediate firing of defensive coordinator Raheem Morris in 2021, the guy continued to flip the switches, pull the levers, and spin the wheels to try to optimize the defense that he inherited from former DC Brandon Staley, sans two starters in the secondary.

It was Morris who guided the LA Rams to draft promising rookie inside linebacker Ernest Jones. It was Morris who lured DB Eric Weddle out of retirement to NFL Playoff heroics. It was Morris who found a way to defeat the Arizona Cardinals in a must-win game with a secondary that was as porous as Swiss cheese thanks to a late-season COVID-19 outbreak.

It is Raheem Morris who is back for his second season of leading this LA Rams defense, a defense that has added Bobby Wagner to the mix, DB Troy Hill to the secondary, and a host of young defenders to the talent pipeline.

Okay, we’ve thrown it around the horn. So do we know the answer yet? Exactly how long will the LA Rams SB window stay open? Well, after looking over the elements that have impacted the LA Rams offseason, I find myself arriving at a different conclusion. It appears that the LA Rams are only just getting warmed up.

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