Neither PFF or the NFL respects the LA Rams roster at RB

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LA Rams roster
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3 step Rams RB restoration

While it’s easier said than done, The fact remains that the LA Rams have assembled an effective rushing attack from similarly frugal components. Lost in the discussion is the fact that if the LA Rams feel particularly vulnerable or underwhelming at the running back position, the front office has an incredible track record of working the waiver wire or negotiating a trade to put things back on track.

Barring any mid-season additions to the Rams roster, what must the Rams do to get their ground game back on track?

Step I – Cam Akers will need to show pre-injury form

Whether or not you agree with the Rams’ decision to place all their marbles in the belief that Cam Akers can return to this pre-injury form, that is the corner that the team has painted itself into. That means that the Rams will need Akers to get approximately 220 carries and 4.55 yards per rushing attempt. That may not be as overwhelmingly difficult as you think.

If the Rams keep Akers healthy, that only averages out to 13 carries and 59 yards per game. That feels very doable.

Step II – Darrell Henderson will need to carry 150 times and average 4.6 yards per rush

This is very likely the final season for Darrell Henderson Jr. with the LA Rams. How the other 31 teams will show interest in Henderson after this season depends on how this year goes. How hard is it to hit those marks?  That works out to an average of just nine carries and 41.4 yards per game. Again, this all seems quite doable.

Step III – The Rams will need 500 yards and five TDs from one more rusher.

Like him or not, veteran rusher Malcolm Brown was a guy who was incredibly dependable for the Rams when they needed the tough yards or a tough catch to move the chains or put up a score. Can Kyren Williams put up those types of numbers? Perhaps not on his own, but if the Rams factor in other running backs, jet sweeps by wide receivers, and even the occasional QB sneak, it’s doable.

The LA Rams did not have an exceptional rushing offense, yet emerged as the Super Bowl winners last year.  While their outlook for a solid rushing offense is worse this year, I believe that this year’s offense will be rather similar to 2020. There may not be a home run hitter in the Rams’ ground game this year. But a little bit from everyone could make all the difference in the world.

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