Is Jalen Ramsey claim of an elite LA Rams defense onto something?

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LA Rams Roster Ernest Jones
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Rams roster 3.0

That revised Rams defense allowed the Rams to shut down opponents for a while, but by the time the winless New York Jets arrived, the Jets were desperate enough to try a new strategy: Hammer the middle of the Rams defense. They won their first game of the season by deploying that desperate, but incredibly effective, strategy. That strategy was observed and improved upon by the Green Bay Packers, who exploited the middle of the Rams’ defense to win the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

It was clear that the Rams wanted to plug the hole in the defensive middle by drafting inside linebacker Ernest Jones out of South Carolina with the 104th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft (the same position used by the Rams to select OL Logan Bruss in 2022). But rookies take time to spread their wings and master their role in the NFL.

God of Thunder?

So, in keeping with the same Avengers analogy, the LA Rams signed up their version of the Norse god Thor, in the form of All-Pro ILB Bobby Wagner. And just as he had done in 2020, Jalen Ramsey loves what he sees. In fact, he is already on record claiming that this version of the LA Rams defense will be elite at all three levels.

He could be onto something.

After all, he sees more of the team’s performance and chemistry than anyone, right? While we await visual proof, Ramsey is already seeing it come together on the practice field, among Bobby Wagner and his teammates, and in the manner Wagner conducts himself. Wagner is not here to kick back and be carried into the post-season.

The Seattle Seahawks bet that Bobby Wagner was no longer an NFL-caliber talent. Wagner is out to prove them wrong. Never bet against Bobby Wagner, folks.