Is Jalen Ramsey claim of an elite LA Rams defense onto something?

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LA Rams Roster Bobby Wagner
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Rams defense domino effect

Now, imagine the impact of a linebacker who shuts down the opposing offense at the line of scrimmage?  Do you think that the LA Rams pass rush might benefit from a significant increase in third and long situations? If that is the case, wouldn’t the insertion of a formidable inside linebacker like Bobby Wagner have a positive impact on creating more third down and long situations?

Wagner’s presence in the middle of the LA Rams defense will change how opposing offenses attack the Rams, as well as how the Rams defense plans to stop those offenses. We know that, in the past, the Rams were almost compelled due to shallow inside linebacker depth to play safeties in the inside linebacker spot. With Wagner on the field alongside Ernest Jones, the Rams could send Wagner up the middle after the quarterback.

The Rams’ defense has a new look. Look for new methods of deploying their new weapons.

A number of positive moves

We also know that many offenses tested the LA Rams run defense with frequent success, simply because the caliber of play in the inside linebacker spot was a bit of a hit-or-miss event, at least until Jones showed up on the football field.

The LA Rams roster did not just add Bobby Wagner and call it a day. This team added veteran defensive back Troy Hill who will likely start opposite Jalen Ramsey until one of the dozen-or-so younger defensive backs wrestles a starting role from him. This team has the equivalent of a Day 1 rookie in returning outside linebacker Chris Garrett, whose performance in 2022 should be far more impactful than his rookie season.

This LA Rams defense, in the opinions of some, may not have hit a grand slam by re-signing outside linebacker Von Miller. But like many sports, you needn’t have that one play on the highlight reel to win the game. The LA Rams front office made a number of positive moves this offseason. Jalen Ramsey is so impressed that he claims this LA Rams defense will be elite. I just happen to think that he is truly onto something.

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