LA Rams add 2 intriguing players: RB A.J. Rose and TE Jared Pinkney

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LA Rams Free Agency A.J. Rose
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Rams free agency RB signing

Asim A.J. Rose could be another player worth keeping an eye on. Until now, the LA Rams have seemed to fixate on smallish running backs and then been frustrated with their lack of durability. But there is not a concern of that small but mighty factor going on with Rose, as this guy stands 6-foot-1 and weighs a solid 212-pounds.

And even at that size, he really plays larger than that. That’s a very good sign that the Rams may have refocused their roster target on running backs to be bigger, and run with more authority.

He hails from the University of Kentucky, which automatically connects him with the Rams’ offensive coordinator, Liam Coen. Well indirectly, as he never played for Coen in the Kentucky Wildcats offense.

A Rose by any other team

He did play for the Wildcats for four seasons, through the 2020 season, and showed an ever-improving ability to run the ball, move the chains, and find daylight.

He signed on with the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted rookie in 2021, showing solid potential in preseason games. He rushed 37 times in three preseason games, putting up 151 yards and two touchdowns. The fact that the team released him this year surprised many of the fans and some of the Vikings’ websites, as some were projecting him to actually make their 53-man roster this year after such a strong rookie showing.

Is this a huge veteran signing? No, and it may not even prove out to be a player who even lands on the practice squad. But A.J. Rose is a bigger back who is not injured, can run between the tackles, is dirt-cheap, and has the opportunity to impress the LA Rams coaches now that his competing in training camp.

That’s more than he could say just yesterday.

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