Von Miller wants to be the “only player to win 3 SBs with 3 different teams”

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

When the LA Rams failed to re-sign the venerable and accomplished outside linebacker Von Miller, there was always the question of why couldn’t, or perhaps more accurately, Miller re-sign with the Rams.  After all, it’s no mystery that the LA Rams loved the guy. It’s also no secret that the LA Rams were willing to do almost anything to keep Miller on the LA Rams roster.

So the reality has to be based on that painful answer you hear whenever you deal with a heartbreaking break-up. It’s not us, it’s them.

It’s all a bit ironic, isn’t it? While there is absolutely no argument that the Denver Broncos and Von Miller enjoyed quite the relationship. Miller put up 110.5 quarterback sacks for the Broncos in just 10 NFL seasons. That’s an average of more than 11 QB sacks per season, for 10 years.

That’s impressive.

The Rams refreshed NFL interest in Von Miller

But let’s be clear. By the time the LA Rams came along and showed bona fide interest in the guy, the Broncos were not exactly all-in on him. In fact, the Broncos front office was fully aware that Miller was in the last year of his NFL contract, was struggling with an injury, and would be looking for a much bigger contract than the Broncos would be willing to pay for him.

Worse yet, the Broncos had not had a winning season since 2016. So the question begged to be asked: Was Von Miller that good? Or were the Broncos so bad that individual statistics were simply easier to come by?

By the time that Miller arrived at the LA Rams defense, it was clear that he still had some gas in the tank. He was an ideal fit in the Rams’ defense, as he not only became the guy who could rush the passer but became a counselor to the Rams’ defensive leadership as well. It was he who advised Aaron Donald to spill his guts in that memorable sideline speech that appeared to put teammate A’Shawn Robinson into a Hulk-smash trance. The results? That LA Rams defense stepped up in a huge way.

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I wanna win “3 SBs with 3 different teams”

Now that all the smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and raw emotions have dissipated, we now know the answer to why the LA Rams really didn’t stand much of a chance to re-sign Von Miller.  The Rams wanted to bring Von Miller back to a Super Bowl winner.

Von Miller wanted to prove that he was the difference-maker for the LA Rams winning Super Bowl LVI. To prove that point, he has signed on with the Buffalo Bills and now has stated that his goal is to win “three Super Bowls with three different teams.”

Well, that’s a new spin, isn’t it?

I love Von Miller, and I believe that if he played for the LA Rams in 2022, the Rams would be a favorite to win Super Bowl LVII. But I believe that the LA Rams have a solid shot to do so without him.

I’m not convinced that Von Miller moves the needle much on the Buffalo Bills’ chances.  Even if he puts up solid numbers, the AFC is a much tougher division this year. And the Buffalo Bills play a 4-3 even front defense.  That means that Von Miller’s best skill set – getting after the quarterback – will be diluted at a minimum.

It comes down to the player, the talent around him, and the overall fit. I could be tainted, but I do not see Von Miller lighting it up as a strongside linebacker in the Buffalo Bills’ defense. He was a dedicated pass rusher for the LA Rams. Now? He will be far more involved in coverage.  Delusions of grandeur? Or just an NFL veteran knowing what he is capable of?

I’m not trying to throw shade on an NFL great. But it makes much more sense as to why the LA Rams were unable to sign him. Mystery solved? Well this one, at least.

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