Coach Eric Henderson’s Gamecocks’ speech proves he’s the best in NFL

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have one of the best coaches in the NFL in Coach Eric Henderson.  But if you have the chance to converse with him, he is just an NFL knowledgable guy who could be someone you invite over for a backyard barbecue. He is more than a good coach. He is a gentleman, a person who can lead and motivate as easily as flipping a burger on the grill.

There is far more to the NFL than young men playing a game they love, signing multi-million dollar contracts, and living the high life. In fact, the overwhelming numbers of players who try out for the NFL do not end up on the receiving end of big pay-day contracts. Perhaps even more surprising, many players only have the warm welcome of hard work just to catch a glimpse of the NFL spotlight.

Thankfully, the LA Rams defensive line coach, Eric Henderson, prepares each young man who he comes into contact with for the grueling demands of the NFL. That’s what makes him so vital to the Rams organization. So incredibly vital for the team because the entire system of drafting late or signing undrafted rookies, coaching them up, developing them into NFL-worthy players, and then shipping them off to sign contracts with other teams for awarded compensatory draft picks, only works with Coach Henny on that wall.

Coach Henderson natural leader

I won’t lie. I admire and respect Coach Henderson quite a bit. His message resonates with me, and perhaps anyone who found that the doors to their life’s opportunities were not opened automatically but needed to be kicked in at times. It’s about the journey, and Coach Henny is a passionate straight-shooter.  He is a gifted speaker. Not only because he continuously coaches the LA Rams defensive line into one of the most dominating units in the NFL year after year, but because his message applies to life universally.

What do I mean? Just catch this passionate speech Coach Henderson delivers to the South Carolina Gamecocks:

Now, how do you feel? As for me, perhaps one of the greatest messages of this speech?

"“You can’t call yourself great, or want to be great, and don’t accept what comes with that. The pursuit of excellence is a non-stop thing.” – LA Rams coach Eric Henderson"

Coach Henny doesn’t come at you with big words or big messages. He comes at you with a big heart. His message is simple, yet profound.

We can all be great in our lives, as long as we accept what that means. The pursuit of excellence is about willingly trying to improve each day. While I will never play for the LA Rams, I hear the message loud and clear.  In the end, we can all embrace the mindset of #DAWGWORK in our lives.

The LA Rams have a solid chance to repeat as NFL Champions in 2022. But a big reason for that is not because the Rams have individual stars. It’s because the Rams have a great team, and Coach Henny is happy to remind them of that fact.

Thanks, Coach. Not just for what you do for the LA Rams, but for being that voice of sage wisdom to so many.

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