Allen Robinson won’t drop the ball for the LA Rams

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No-Drop zone

Okay, so even if the chemistry between Matthew Stafford and Allen Robinson develops, we still haven’t cited anything concrete. Just an assumption of improvement because two other receivers improved in 2021. What else do I got?

For starters, the Jaguars entrusted quarterback Blake Bortles to throw to Robinson for four seasons. By 2018, Robinson’s quarterback was Chicago Bears’ Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky remained the starter for 2019. But by 2020, the Bears’ platooned Trubisky with Nick Foles. In 2021, the Bears platooned at QB again, but this time between Justin Fields and Andy Dalton.

Not one of those quarterbacks who threw to Robinson in the past had performed anywhere close to Matthew Stafford. Now, Robinson will catch passes from Stafford on a full-time basis. But that’s not all.

Clamps activated

You see, there is the matter of those vice-gripping hands of Robinson’s. Stafford throws passes on the mark. With Robinson, he will catch them.

The LA Rams have long needed an outside wide receiver who wins contested catches. That need was amplified as soon as the team acquired Stafford. The Rams had a sample of how well that type of receiver would impact the offense with the 2021 performance of WR Odell Beckham Jr.  He was on track to compete for SB LVI MVP honors before injuring his ACL in the first half of that game.

Robinson is a bigger, sturdier, more physical version of OBJ, and he is getting a full training camp to be ready to go in the season opener. The Rams offense has arguably three starting wide receivers who could put up over 1000-yard seasons: Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Van Jefferson. If the Rams are able to sign OBJ, their offense will be incredibly dangerous.

Robinson has always had the potential to be great in the NFL. Now, he has a bonafide opportunity to do so.

Perhaps that is why his fire is burning so brightly?

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