LA Rams OL Logan Bruss could be a rookie starter

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Rams roster rolls high-risk dice

There were plenty of opportunities over the past two seasons for the LA Rams front office to address concerns over the offensive line depth. After all, it’s not as though the Rams had no way to anticipate the expiration of so many contracts along their offensive line. In fact, the only question mark over the Rams roster for 2022 was the lingering question as to whether OT Andrew Whitworth would truly retire.

But even that announcement of his retirement was a badly kept secret. From the moment Whitworth hit the NFL media circuit one year ago, it was clear that retirement was the goal for the 2022 NFL offseason.

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Rams restock roster

All that added up to the Rams facing the re-signing, promoting, or acquiring three starting offensive linemen this offseason. But the LA Rams’ front office does not sit back and wait for events to happen. The organization succeeds by getting out ahead of roster needs and acquiring and developing the necessary position-centric roster needs in time to take over when needed.

The Rams did so at left tackle, sliding backup offensive tackle Joseph Noteboom into Andrew Whitworth’s vacated spot. The Rams did so at the offensive center and re-signed veteran Brian Allen. But the plan at the offensive right guard position? The LA Rams were drafting outside of the Top 100, so there was no way to guarantee who might be on the board when they had their first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Was it all a stroke of massive cosmic luck that Logan Bruss was there at 104? Or did the LA Rams truly have no viable succession plan at the right guard position, and were caught flat-footed when Corbett signed on elsewhere? If that is the case, should we be concerned about the succession plan for more critical positions? Say, backup quarterback?