LA Rams OL Logan Bruss could be a rookie starter

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LA Rams Roster Logan Bruss
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Draft dominoes fell the Rams’ way

Okay, let’s step back and breathe for just a moment. For starters, we know that the LA Rams had at least a Plan B to fill the void at the offensive right guard. That Plan B took the shape of Coleman Shelton, Tremayne Anchrum, or even Bobby Evans in that role. So there was no lack of planning on the LA Rams’ part.

A more likely scenario is the belief that the Rams love Logan Bruss out of the gates, and simply never expected him to fall to them at 104. That scenario has been supported by post-draft reports that the Rams tried and failed to move up for Bruss to ensure that the team would be able to select him.

Bruss topped the Rams’ draft board

That is confirmed by the reports coming out now: Bruss was so high on the LA Rams draft board that he was presumed to be the starting offensive right guard if the Rams were able to draft him.  That suggests that he truly is so highly regarded among the coaching staff that he was slotted in at the top of the depth chart.

Is he that good? Or have the LA Rams become that desperate to find a starter?

While I believe that Logan Bruss has a lot of positive reasons to start in his rookie season, the LA Rams have not exactly been pouring top prospects into the unit over the past few seasons. That’s not to say that the roster is populated with sub-par talent. It’s merely the reality. The Rams coaching staff has been required to coach up players. With Logan Bruss, he arrives with a rather polished technique and mindset. He arrives as one of the few plug-n-play options for the team, so why wouldn’t they take advantage?