LA Rams OL Logan Bruss could be a rookie starter

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LA Rams Roster Logan Bruss Coach Kevin Carberry
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OL Coach Carberry finally gets to stretch his wings

You might suspect that the veterans on the LA Rams roster would be given the first crack as a starting right guard, wouldn’t you? Well, the Rams had been mixing and matching many of their backup offensive linemen to plug holes created by injuries to the starters. Austin Corbett, the starting right guard in 2021, played and started all 21 games for the team.

That translates into the fact that no veteran entered the 2022 NFL season with any sizeable advantage. While that complicated the Rams’ efforts to replace Corbett this year, it also afforded the offensive line coach Kevin Carberry a blank slate in terms of who he wanted to fill the vacancy.

Perhaps more should be made about that subtle fact. Logan Bruss is only the second offensive lineman added to the LA Rams roster under Carberry’s watch. The first was undrafted offensive tackle Alaric ‘A.J.’ Jackson, and he put up one helluva performance as a spot starter against the dominating pass rush of the Minnesota Vikings.

That’s pretty impressive for an undrafted offensive tackle’s rookie season.

Carberry’s choice

So far, it appears that Coach Carberry not only prefers larger offensive linemen, but his pattern suggests prioritizing snarlers as well. A bit of a mean streak, players who enjoy making contact at the line of scrimmage, and look for more contact downfield against linebackers and defensive backs.

Bruss fits that order to the tee. Not only is he well suited to flex at the offensive tackle or offensive guard position, but he has a mean streak that will certainly stand out as the Rams fight to re-establish their running game in 2022.

Bad planning or good fortune? You decide. As for me, I’m simply looking forward to seeing what Logan Bruss can do for the Rams’ offensive line.

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