Which miraculous signings will LA Rams do to succeed this year?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

After several seasons with the LA Rams continuing to trade for, sign, and promote talent to the active 53-man roster, the current Rams roster, even in positions where the team is quite shallow, is really not much of a concern to many fans. And yet, the roster is indeed a bit shallow at a number of positions.

What are the LA Rams planning to do at quarterback? If they stick to the game plan, then the team will run three preseason games entirely on the arm of backup QB Bryce Perkins. And if he is injured? What about the fact that backup QB John Wolford is playing on a one-year contract that expires next year? Does anyone believe that Wolford can win consistently if Stafford falls to a prolonged injury?

While the  LA Rams themselves have cited backup quarterback as a position the team will likely investigate to add another player for training camp, it’s not the only position that could be reinforced.

The Rams roster may need help

The LA Rams’ depth chart at both the running back and outside linebacker positions is less than optimal for the time being as well. While neither are at a point of needing immediate attention, both positions are running under the assumption that all players are healthy and will be competing at their optimal form in training camp. We know how assuming that can turn out.

I’m not so naive that I did not see shortfalls coming in the LA Rams roster. With eight late picks, limited available funds, and a trio of veteran players all seeking the NBA equivalent of max contracts, the LA Rams front office has pulled off an offseason that has many teams standing back in awe, and fans of other NFL teams in utter disbelief.

But the Rams roster is not ‘done’ just yet.  A trade here, a signing there, and the roster would really hum. Perhaps the front office will only act when inevitable injuries begin to take their toll. Until then, we sit, we watch, and we wait.

The LA Rams did not trade for RB Sony Michel until preseason games. The Rams traded for Von Miller at the trade deadline. And the Rams did not sign WR Odell Beckham Jr until November. As long as LA Rams GM Les Snead is on the wall, the Rams are always vigilant about making this team better.

Perhaps the better question is not which miraculous signings will LA Rams do to succeed this year? Perhaps the better question is when will the LA Rams make a miraculous signing?

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