Can Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp outdo their 2021 debut?

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Two to prove it was no fluke

And now for the reasons why we believe this pair can be even better in 2022.  Can they? Or are we simply being unrealistically greedy? Well, for all of the fanfare, record-setting performances, and success discovered in 2021, there absolutely are reasons to believe that the sequel will be even better.

For starters, let’s examine the performance of Matthew Stafford’s debut and his first season’s performance for the LA Rams. While Stafford set Rams Franchise Single Season records, he had better seasons in his career. And those seasons were just 16 games. For example, in 2011 Stafford threw for 5,038 yards, 41 touchdowns, and just 16 interceptions in 16 regular-season games. In 2012, he threw for 4,967 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. But by 2013, he threw for 4,650 yards, 29 touchdowns, and just three interceptions.

The room to improve is pretty large

Imagine how good the LA Rams offense could be if Stafford shaves his picks? That is likely to happen this year, particularly in light of the fact that he is entering his second year of Sean McVay’s offense.

Meanwhile, Cooper Kupp will also have reasons for a better season in 2022. For starters, the LA Rams have other solid options in the passing game. Van Jefferson is certainly enough of a deep threat to warrant focus by opposing secondaries. And newly arrived WR Allen Robinson will be a difficult assignment for any defensive back.

But the most important factor for these two to outdo their 2021 NFL season is the knowledge that they can. Having a season of understanding one another, their ability to connect based on what defenses are doing is far more developed.

Cooper Kupp thinks like a quarterback. That allows Stafford to know what Kupp will do in coverages, and that mutual understanding will allow the pair to synch up even more effectively. They have the ability to change the play without direct communication.

Stafford is one helluva quarterback. But he’s met his equal in the form of LA Rams WR Kupp. Together, they can outperform their 2021 season simply by doing what they did . . . better. While the Rams can improve their rushing attack, and stabilize the receiving weapons, the key to their success in 2022 is how well can Stafford connect with Kupp.

Nobody expected the pair to set records (well, we did but only to find a number of commentors who ridiculed that prediction). We’re doubling down now. We believe that the very reasons that allowed Stafford and Kupp to find so much success in 2021 will align once more, giving the pair a chance to be even better this year.

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