LA Rams Roster: SB dominoes have now fallen into place

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LA Rams roster
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2022 rookies

Despite the fact that the LA Rams had no 2022 NFL Draft selections among the Top 100, and made seven of eight picks on Day 3 of the draft, the rookie class of 2022 is very important to the team. How so? Well, let’s think about this for a minute.

While the news of it happening may not move your needle much, the fact that the Rams announced all eight signings simultaneously should be noted. The team views all rookies as vital to the team.

That is an important distinction. Rather than focus their coaching resources on prospects chosen on day one or two of the 2022 NFL Draft, the Rams have a system that creates a level playing field for all newcomers to the team. And the reason for the team doing so is quite apparent: The LA Rams seldom have an abundance of early draft picks. That means that the organization can only do well in the future in the team is able to develop late picks or undrafted rookies into NFL-caliber players.

This year, the Rams will likely need rookies to contribute to the offensive line, the rushing attack, the secondary, and the punting game. While that may seem like a tall order for a team with so little draft currency, it’s the way the LA Rams are set up to succeed.