4 most important players on the LA Rams who are not starters

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LA Rams Roster Kyren Williams
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The LA Rams’ situation at running back is not exactly settled just yet. While the team has RB Cam Akers saying exactly what we hoped he might, the Rams’ depth chart at the running back position is completely open. That takes into account the fact that rookie Kyren Williams is still nursing an injury that required surgery.

Right now, feature RB Cam Akers is still working his way back from a 2021 torn Achilles Tendon. We know that RB Darrell Henderson is nursing a soft tissue injury, and may be sporadically on and off an injury report all season. We know that RB Jake Funk had a chance in the offense, but never really showcased much in the running game. We also know that the Rams traded up to draft former Notre Dame RB Kyren Williams.

The LA  Rams are not exactly known for giving much playing time to rookies, and that is increased for any rookie skill player.  So a foot injury to open training camp seems like a final nail in the coffin, right?

I’m not convinced. The LA Rams made it a point to trade up for Williams, and the current roster was in no worse shape when the team watched RB Sony Michel sign with the Miami Dolphins in the offseason.  That means that the Rams coaching staff already trusts that Williams will contribute this season.  Even with the foot injury, he is still able to learn the playbook, watch videos, and be ready when he is cleared to practice.

I hate to say it, but the Rams roster is such that Kyren Williams is it unless the team signs up another veteran running back.

Williams needn’t be ready to start for the team in Week 1. He could be on the bench through the first month or so, learning plays and practicing. But as the weather turns colder, I believe that Williams’s north-south between the tackles style of running will heat up.

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