LA Rams starting offensive center, Brian Allen, is paying it forward

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Brian Allen is paying his dues

After a grueling gauntlet of an NFL career where Allen seemingly had to fight, scrape, and claw for the next offensive snap, it appears that he has arrived. His 2021 NFL season was an outstanding success. Even in light of the fact that the Rams whiffed on drafting an outstanding offensive center in the 2021 NFL Draft at a time that the depth chart screamed for additional help, Allen’s resurgence helped the Rams tremendously.

His ability to turn his career around is one of the untold tales of how the Rams were able to earn a spot in, and win, Super Bowl LVI. Now, Allen is working even harder to improve his game to compete in another NFL Championship Game.

And he is paying it forward

And he is even helping young NFL hopefuls along the way. Now that is something special.

It truly does my heart good to see a grizzled ole veteran offensive lineman like Brian Allen who had nothing handed to him pivot and even pay it forward with younger players whose dreams to play in the NFL will likely face the same test.

Allen may not be a sexy player to cheer for, tout, or boast about in NFL circles. Clearly, the NFL experts have chosen to laud Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow as NFL Comeback Player of the Year, despite the expectation that he would perform exactly as he did. The real NFL Comeback Player of the Year in my humble opinion was LA Rams center, Brian Allen. Not only did he have an incredible season, but he had to do so by fighting every inch of the way.

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