The LA Rams training camp kicks off in less than one month

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III: The burden of this training camp may be borne by younger players.

After the long 17-game season and four brutally physical playoff games, the LA Rams veterans emerged from last season a bit banged up. Who exactly? Well, we know that TE Tyler Higbee, free-agent WR Odell Beckham Jr., QB Matthew Stafford, OLB Leonard Floyd, DB Jaylen Ramsey, DB Taylor Rapp, DB Jordan Fuller, ILB Ernest Jones, and more were injured during or at the end of the 2021 NFL season.

Even before training camp starts, the projected 53-man rosters I’d read so far have two things in common. First, it’s very clear that the author has done a great deal of work and research to compile a roster this early and have it make sense. Second? Almost all 53-man rosters have played in far safer than I believe the LA Rams plan for the 2022 NFL season.

Training camp will feature young players

I’m not convinced that is how the LA Rams roster will be constructed this year. I could simply be slipping into dementia, but the Rams have done a healthy bit of roster churning each season, and I would not be the least bit surprised if young players who show considerable promise are not among the 53-man survivors on LA Rams island.

Who will make the cut? Well, my mental clutch may be slipping, but my gears are not completely stripped just yet. I’ll wait for a bit more substantive evidence before putting my reputation on the line.  But what worked in 2021, I expect the Rams will keep in 2022. That means I don’t expect the team to blow up special teams by cutting Bradon Powell after finally finding a bonafide danger return specialist. If another player can earn a role on special teams? Fine. But that will make them on Pro-Bowl level, and I’m not willing to go there without hard evidence.

I look for the team to have a spot on the roster for all drafted rookies, even if that means demoting some former veterans. The front office just cut several mega-checks. The only way to balance those financial commitments is to commit a lot of patience and coaching to the young players on the roster.

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