I love how the LA Rams passing attack is configured for 2022

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams passing attack in 2020 was rather homogenous. The team boasted the likes of wide receivers Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Josh Reynolds, Van Jefferson, and Trishton Jackson. All stood at or taller than six feet in height. Weights ranged in a narrow band of 195-pounds up to 208 pounds. All receivers were gifted at running precise routes, could block (or else they would not take the football field), could run with the ball, and were all rather selfless.

It was an offense where roles were blurred. All receivers could slide into any receiver spot and would be expected to perform as well as the other players. An outside receiver could slide into the slot, and vice versa. The offense was designed to give young quarterback Jared Goff the same reads no matter which receiver was on the football, and no matter where they lined up.

LA Rams passing attack failed to score in 2020

While that configuration of the LA Rams offense seemed to be successful enough over the years, that 2020 iteration struggled a bit. While the offense was able to move the football, with 377 yards per game good enough for the 11th-best offense in the NFL, scoring was another matter altogether. The Rams’ average of 23.3 points per game was only good enough to come in as the 23rd-ranked scoring offense of 2020.

The only outlier from the wide receiver group from 2020 was 5-foot-10 and 180-pound WR Nsimba Webster, who filled the team’s punt and kick returner.  Of course, that was his role in 2020, and was not given much of a role as a change-of-pace receiver.

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That homogenous receiver group aided then quarterback Jared Goff’s ability to process variables but aided the ability of defenses as well. Secondaries did not have to rework their defensive coverage schemes because the LA Rams offense was so interchangeable.

But things have changed a bit for the LA Rams offensive blueprint.