I love how the LA Rams passing attack is configured for 2022

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LA Rams roster Allen Robinson
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What about Allen Robinson?

The addition of free-agent wide receiver Allen Robinson combines a feisty gimme-that-football type of receiver with the precision routes and ability to separate that wide receiver, Cooper Kupp, brings to the offense.  I believe that this new offensive diversity is going to create nightmares for defensive coordinators in 2022. How so?

Cooper Kupp is the elite do-it-all type of receiver. Van Jefferson has the type of speed that can stretch defenses but can also run short and intermediate routes to pressure secondaries over the entirety of the football field.

But Allen Robinson is a different breed of WR altogether. He is that tough, feisty receiver who shows up big at clutch moments of a football game.

And he’s done more with less.

Robinson has never played with a quarterback who is this good

Why so many NFL analysts fail to compile quarterbacks with the receivers and vice versa is beyond me.  Paired with Goff, Rams Kupp was a 1000-yard receiver. Paired with Stafford, Kupp is nearly a 2000-yard receiver. It seems to me that the quarterback can play a huge role in a wide receiver’s production.

With a better quarterback who is virtually cut from the same bolt of cloth, the Rams may have found a match for Stafford who is just as aligned as Cooper Kupp. And Robinson, a receiver who has struggled on bad teams in the past, will be especially motivated to make the most of this chance on the LA Rams roster.

Reasonable expectations, gut feeling, or foolish optimism? I believe that Allen Robinson will easily put up career-high numbers in the LA Rams offense. The pattern of Allen Robinson’s NFL career screams that he will excel here.

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