The most overrated player on LA Rams NFC West rivals in 2022

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The LA Rams are the defending NFL Champions. But they seem to be the only bright spot in the NFC West Division so far as the NFL shakes up teams with offseason moves, the upcoming draft outlook, coaching changes, and a host of off-season factors that could alter the reputation of the NFC West as the toughest division in the NFL.

Right now, the LA Rams appear to be the cream of the NFC West, and it’s not even close. Well, in the opinions of NFL Insiders, analysts, and pundits, that is:

Of course, we are trying to assess the NFC Western division in the eye of the maelstrom. Some of the chaos will die away like the winds after a storm passes by. Some of the chaos will take time to repair. Other elements of the current mayhem could lead to irreparable damage between players and teams. But this is the NFL, a.k.a. Not For Long. As training camps assemble and the hyperbole and rhetoric begin, let’s pause a moment to add a bit of salt to the storylines that you know you will read from the camps of the NFC West rivals.

A New Hope

There is nothing new about this year’s training camps from that of past years. Some former players are gone. New players fill the void, while new teams harness player talents in hopes to capture an NFL Championship. But much of the healing process takes time.

Grafting talented players onto new rosters is not a sure thing, and even when it works, it may not achieve the type of production that was paid for in the contract. But off-season makes every team a Super Bowl winner, and that’s exactly how the NFL has designed its marketing. Optimistic fans buy merchandise, tickets, and broadcast fees to view their teams. Don’t mistake me for trying to rain on the parades of the NFC West rivals, as I have a healthy respect for each of the other teams. The NFC West is the toughest NFL Division year in and year out.

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But each team has at least one overrated player on their roster. It’s time someone came along with a pin to deflate that. Here comes a painful prick to each of our three division rivals’ inflated optimism.