The most overrated player on LA Rams NFC West rivals in 2022

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Desert Storm

Try as I might, I cannot get behind Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray as someone who is more than a 10-game winner. (He only won nine games in 2021). As much as the Cardinals’ front office and coaching staff modify and tweak the team roster and game plan to suit their young quarterback, he seems to fall short.

Murray was out on weeks 9, 10, and 11. During that time, backup quarterback Colt McCoy, who is a journeyman veteran NFL quarterback with a lifetime 10-23 record and throwing 33 touchdowns to 29 interceptions, outplayed Murray as he led the Cardinals offense to a 2-1 record.

But the greater problem IMHO is the fact that Murray is more about pointing fingers and blaming everyone around him, but failing to view the big picture and start leading the team by being responsible and accountable.

Immature is not a word any team wants to describe their quarterback

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30,000-foot view

I know that I am not close enough to fully understand the entire 360-degree view of Murray’s issues with the Cardinals. But I know that it comes down to money. I would be delighted if the Arizona Cardinals open the vault and pay the guy a record-breaking amount of money. But the analyst in me says that he is simply not worth a long-term commitment.

I do not see Murray as mature enough to be the Cardinals’ long-term quarterback. I do not believe that he possesses the necessary leadership traits to deserve a huge payday. And the track record of dual-threat quarterbacks is that they begin to break down when injuries start. And Murray was injured for three games in 2021.

Give him what you want, Cardinals. But caveat emptor. I don’t think you are getting a franchise QB. I suspect that Murray wants a big payday now, because he may not be positioned for one when his next contract is due.