P Julian Diaz proves that getting a spot on LA Rams is hard work

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Sitting down with Julian Diaz

Punter/placekicker Julian Diaz is a solid young man who brings a lot to the table. And he has brought it to the LA Rams football field twice, so that’s saying something. To date, there have been no concrete commitments to Diaz by the Rams’ front office. But we know how the story goes. It took the Rams to rifle through five placekickers before landing Pro Bowl kicker Matt Gay.

Julian Diaz is in the LA Rams contact list now.

The interview

Question 1: Now that we have discussed a bit about your background, is there anything about your history that gave you the passion of playing in the NFL someday?

I always had the passion to be the best that I could be in everything I did. Coming from a sports family, my dad is a really good soccer player. Growing up very passionate about all sports and just striving for the highest level possible.

Question 2: Here is a question that I have always wanted to pose to a special team player in the NFL. Why punter or place kicker?

The reason behind being a specialist is I grew up playing soccer, and transitioning into the football world. The specialist position was the one in which I had some sort of an edge due to my soccer background. Just kept chasing that position and trying to become the best that I can. Also, something I just really enjoy doing. From the satisfaction of hitting a really good ball to being able to help the team in the few opportunities I get.

Question 3: Placekickers are virtually focused on one thing: Kicking the football. But punters must punt the ball, and serve as a place holder for the kicker on field goals. Do you prefer to be a punter or placekicker in the NFL?

I prefer being a punter in the NFL, there is a little more versatility I feel in this position. As you can do a little bit of everything, from punting, kicking off, and place-holding on field goals. But as long as I am on the field I am happy, whether it is kicking field goals, or punting.