LA Rams injured players can have huge impact on 2022 season success

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Not a top-heavy team

So much gets written about the LA Rams ‘top-heavy’ roster, that an automatic image forms of an upside-down pyramid that is ready to tumble to the ground are almost impossible to get out of my head. But time and time again, the LA Rams front office seems to have a trough of roster-repairing mortar to shove into any cracks that spring up during the season.

Three holes collapsed the LA Rams roster in 2021. Three veterans were added to the roster to plug those holes. And in each case, the team managed to not only survive the onslaught of injuries but managed to shine as a result.

Need more proof? The LA Rams lost both starting safeties as they pivoted from the regular season into the playoffs. Their answer? Start an infrequently used backup as one starter, and re-sign a former defensive back who retired two years ago as the other starter. The result? Now, I don’t want to spoil things for anyone.

Getting healthy = getting better

There are many who have concerns about the LA Rams’ chances in 2022, and the fact that some aspects of the Super Bowl-winning team may not have been properly addressed this off-season. But when I look over all of the injuries, and how the bombardment impacted the team repeatedly over a handful of positions, I see a different narrative taking shape for the 2022 season.

LA Rams injured players can have a huge impact on the Rams’ 2022 NFL season’s success. If the players are healthy, they will perform at a far better and more consistent level. If the player has since moved on, then the player in that position will have far more time to prepare to fill the void, and will not be thrust into a starting role on a learn-as-you-go basis.

Too positive for you? Too speculative? Hey, the LA Rams won Super Bowl LVI despite unspeakable adversity. I will not strip them of the title through worry or negative imagination. In my view, another team will need to win it from them. And the more I think about it, the less likely that all seems right now.

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