LA Rams Cooper Kupp deal looking rosier after McLaurin deal

Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams renegotiated a new deal for three of their Super Bowl LVI stars. The team negotiated an extension with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, reworked a deal to add new money to defensive lineman Aaron Donald, and renegotiated the contract with wide receiver Cooper Kupp, which adds both years and money to his deal.

Now the Washington Commanders have signed a new deal for WR Terry McLaurin, a whopping $71 million agreement that adds more money to his existing contract. While I believe that McLaurin is indeed a good wide receiver, I have to ask one simple question:

Who is throwing him the football? For that matter, of the top receiver deals negotiated to any of the top deals reworked this off-season, shouldn’t it matter whether or not that team has the quarterback under center who can elevate or sustain that receiver among the lofty heights that the current compensation is placing them?

Compare the NFL’s top receivers to their compensation packages

Speaking of other receivers, they have certainly been enjoying the current trend of tossing sacks of cash at them before throwing the football to them. So where does that put everyone?

So how does the compensation line up with the 2021 production? And more importantly, how do the LA Rams stack up against other NFL teams?

  • Player                         Rec        Yds           TD
  1. Cooper Kupp             145       1,947        16
  2. Justin Jefferson        108       1,616        10
  3. Davante Adams*     123       1,553         11
  4. JaMarr Chase              81        1,455        13
  5. Deebo Samuel*          77        1,405           6
  6. Mark Andrews          107       1,361           9
  7. Tyreek Hill*                 111       1,239          9
  8. Stefon Diggs              103       1,225        10
  9. Tyler Lockett                73        1,175          8
  10. Diontae Johnson       107       1,161          8

*new team or quarterback in 2022

If you compare the two lists, you will find some disparity. Actually, you will find significant disparity. But for now, just turn your attention to LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp. The value of his compensation comes in third place in the compensation list, yet his on-field production smoked everyone in 2021 by a huge margin.

And there is every reason to believe he will be just as productive for the LA Rams this year.

The LA Rams deal with Cooper Kupp looked good when the ink was still wet, but the latest contract for Commanders Terry McLaurin makes the Kupp deal look like highway robbery.  Pending deals for Justin Jefferson, Deebo Samuel, and Tyler Lockett are hanging in the NFL’s ‘To Do’ list as well. Each new deal will most likely make the Cooper Kupp deal shine even brighter.

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