LA Rams Big Whit take big perspective to Amazon’s TNF studio

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Former LA Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth may be officially retired, but if you are not seeing him appear at the Rams training camp or NFL talk shows, you are leading a sheltered life.

Whitworth is one of the NFL’s larger-than-life personalities. After all, if you are able to play at the highly demanding position of offensive left tackle for 16 NFL seasons as a starter, and cap it all off by starting in and winning a Super Bowl, you have the right to be heard.

But he is more than a larger-than-life gifted offensive tackle of 16 seasons. He is a larger-than-life personality, a gifted communicator, and a speaker who has much to share from his experiences in the NFL.

How long was he an active player in the NFL? He was a former teammate of LA Rams DC Eric Henderson and played during the prime of Chad Johnson’s career. Andrew Whitworth’s career engulfed that of many NFL stars, and he has a story about almost every NFL player who he competed with, or against.

Now, he appears to be launching a new post-NFL career into the realm of NFL sportscasting.  Per sportswriter Ryan Glasspiegel of the NY Post, Andrew Whitworth will join former teammate Aqib Talib in feature segments from the studio as part of Amazon’s Thursday Night Football coverage.

We already know that the broadcast booth will feature veteran Al Michaels and be joined by Kirk Herbstreit.

Amazon’s studio will be hosted by Charissa Thompson (formerly of Fox Sports) as host, and feature former players Tony Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the pregame show as NFL analysts.

While Whitworth’s role is as of yet undefined, he would be a solid fit for the type of role that Fox Sports has filled by Jay Glazer. Glazer has been a member of the Fox Sports team since 2004, and reports exclusives, late-breaking updates, injury news, and other reports. That is an ideal type of role for Whitworth, as he has a similar delivery as Glazer, and could excel in that bit of sports update role.

I am looking forward to Thursday Night Football more than ever now. Big Whit has been a huge presence on the football field. Now, he’ll have the opportunity to bring his big perspective to the big screen.

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