LA Rams version of ‘1-yard short’? ‘Aaron Donald’s gonna make a play here’

Mandatory Credit Feb 13 2022 Albert Cesare 2686
Mandatory Credit Feb 13 2022 Albert Cesare 2686 /
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The Rams have been involved in two iconic NFL moments in Super Bowl history. I say Rams deliberately because the first iconic play happened thanks to the heroic efforts of the St. Louis Rams. But that play set the stage for the LA Rams sequel. Confused? You won’t be by the end of this article.

If you Google the phrase: ‘one-yard short,’ you will unlock 368,000,000 from the internet search engine in less than one second. Why so many? What could possibly require 368 million entries? Well, the myriad of articles, videos, and images are unlocked thanks to the Saint Louis Rams defensive stop of Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Kevin Dyson, by Rams linebacker Mike Jones at the one-yard line.

The game-saving tackle in SB 34

It was the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV, a game that was won by the Rams (formerly St. Louis Rams) by a thrilling margin of victory of just seven points. The video of that play can be found at this link, and the emotions of that play still resonate to this day.

The final score on the scoreboard was:

35. Final. 23. 51. 16

That thrilling play has since taken on a life of its own. 368 million lives since then, so it seems. The play sealed the Rams’ victory and helped to launch the Greatest Show On Turf into the NFL legendary teams.

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No singular play has carried more thrill, more sense of victory, or has been more recognizable by the fans of the Rams franchise since its inception.

Until now. You see, when the LA Rams do things, they tend to do it in a big way.