LA Rams version of ‘1-yard short’? ‘Aaron Donald’s gonna make a play here’

Mandatory Credit Feb 13 2022 Albert Cesare 2686
Mandatory Credit Feb 13 2022 Albert Cesare 2686 /
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Mandatory Credit: Nfl Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles Rams Vs Cincinnati Bengals Feb 13 2022 Albert Cesare 3826 /

The play that became legendary

Moments before, McVay had rallied his troops. It was a moment of peaking emotions, a chaotic turning point where the winning team could only claim that victory by harnessing the sheer raw energies that surrounded the players, and filled the stadium, stopping time itself at that moment.  Coach McVay was the first to harness the emotional energy:

"“Hey! What else could you want? What else could you want? Right Now! Let’s go! Let’s go!”"

But he would not be the last. He turned his attention to his enforcer, his defensive general. Hitting a clearly focused and angry-looking Aaron Donald, McVay directed his next words directly to his star defensive lineman:

"“Hey Aaron! This is the moment. Right now.”"

Then, the dice were cast. The best player on the field for the Cincinnati Bengals would stand against the best player on the field for the LA Rams. But little did Joe Burrow realize. Coach McVay had claimed all of the energy at that moment, and with that slight shove, had channeled it all into Aaron Donald.

Unleash the Kraken

What came next? Not even the Kraken of Greek mythology could have moved as decisively or destroyed the hopes of an entire city’s fans as quickly as Aaron Donald did on the next play.

The game was over. The LA Rams had won.

51. 20. 56. Final. 23

And at that moment, the legacy of “Aaron Donald’s gonna make a play.” was born. Of course, it’s still just a toddler for now. It only generates 6,770,000 results, which is a far cry from 368 million hits.

But give it time. One Yard Short occured 22 years ago. Someday, Aaron Donald’s Gonna Make A Play will be 22 years old. I daresay that it will surpass 368 million results by then.

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