A’Shawn Robinson was built for Coach Henny’s #Dawgwork

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LA Rams Roster A'Shawn Robinson
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What a difference

By the time the LA Rams were competing for an NFL Playoff spot, Robinson began to heat up. Up to and including Week 9, Robinson had 30 tackles and no quarterback sacks. But in the final eight games, Robinson would account for 37 tackles and 2.0 quarterback sacks.

That feverishly effective pace would carry over into the NFL Playoffs, where he would put up an additional 22 tackles and one quarterback sack over just four games. While this was his second season with the LA Rams, it was really his first season with the team in terms of fully acclimated as a starter. And that season was, as many are with the LA Rams, his all-time career best.

But he can do better.

Give me something to believe in

If he is given more defensive snaps, he would easily push for 3.0 to 5.0 quarterback sacks. As far as tackles? Merely giving him more snaps can push his 2022 totals up to 100 tackles. No, I’m not losing my mind nor am I fudging the numbers, I’m talking about 500 defensive snaps to 750 defensive snaps.

But other forces are at work with A’Shawn Robinson right now. He is having fun playing football once more. He sees the talent that surrounds him with each play, and he is not about to be the guy who shows up as the weak link. He’s found a team. He is part of the #Ramily. He is home, and he is loving every minute of it.

A’Shawn Robinson is not on the LA Rams roster to collect a paycheck. You can see the smoldering fire in his eyes and his teammate Aaron Donald poured his heart out to rally the defense. Robinson is taking in every word and letting it fuel his fire.

All he needed was for an NFL team to give him something to believe in. Well, the LA Rams did him one better. Whether or not the fans are excited to have veteran defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson lining up on the LA Rams defensive front really doesn’t matter to the guy. You see, he can now believe in himself. And that’s all that is needed after all.

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