Why you should still expect an LA Rams-Odell Beckham Jr. reunion

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III- Crashing McVay’s wedding

Between friends, there is informality, fun, and laughter. Between business associates, there is cordiality, politeness, and protocol. You can tell what sort of relationship exists in the room by the type of laughter you hear. If it is a low muffled chorus of laughter that seems to fill a room without any pitch or volume outliers that allow you to find the person responsible for daring to laugh differently, you are in a room filled with business associates.

But if you are in a room with spontaneous laughter, the types of shrieks, snorts, and guffaws that turn heads almost automatically? Then you are among friends. Cherish those moments. They come too few and far between.

Must Read. Odell Beckham Jr. crashing Sean McVay’s wedding is instant classic. light

More than friendship

So imagine the friendship that must exist between LA Rams head coach Sean McVay and his former wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., that prompted OBJ to crash his wedding reception?

Crashing a wedding reception is a friendship sort of thing, folks. And no, not the Christmas Card list type of friendship. This is the kind of stuff where families vacation together. It’s the co-hab Cabo Mexico type of friendship.

Playing for an NFL football team takes more than dedication, hard work, and competitive excellence. It takes special relationships among players, among coaches, and between coaches and players. There is plenty of sacrifices required of everyone who steps onto the football field. That sacrifice can either be made begrudgingly by players who are unhappy or be made willingly by players who are having fun with a group of guys who have their backs. It was obvious what type of team Odell Beckham Jr. found with the LA Rams.

It is even more obvious with the next slide: