LA Rams Roster: We will make you Super Bowl champions

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LA Rams Roster Leonard Floyd
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Defensive Linebackers

Outside linebacker –  Leonard Floyd (free agency)
Floyd was another below-the-radar 2020 NFL Free Agency signing and was originally drafted with the ninth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He was happy to fill whatever role was asked of him with the Chicago Bears, but that willingness left him lacking in quarterback sacks. Curiously, that has not been a problem since arriving with the LA Rams. He has been one of the most consistent players on the defense.

Inside linebacker-  Troy Reeder (undrafted rookie)
While he has not been the most consistent performer on the LA Rams defense, he is still one of the more impressive success stories on the team’s defensive lineup. He was signed after the 2019 NFL Draft as a free agent rookie out of the University of Delaware. He has the size to ultimately be even better, but he has been solid enough to fill the defense’s need when the roster at inside linebacker has grown thin.

Inside linebacker – Ernest Jones (third round)

Chosen with the 104th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Jones was added to the Rams roster specifically to stiffen the Rams defense across the middle. While he was the only true rookie to start for the LA Rams defense in the Super Bowl, he worked very hard during the regular season, as well as through untimely injuries, to get there.  He proved repeatedly to be a solid enforcer in the middle of the Rams’ defense, and his presence helped the defense to show a much stiffer backbone later in the season.

Outside linebacker – Von Miller (trade)

While it may seem like a stretch of the imagination to categorize Von Miller into a group of castaways and misfit toys, you only need to look at the fact that the Denver Broncos paid almost all but a small portion of Miller’s NFL salary throughout the 2021 NFL season. And Miller arrived at the Rams with an ankle injury that took some time to heal.

The Broncos bet on the fact that Miller’s best days were behind him, while the LA Rams were confident that they were not. While the Rams clearly won that bet, the fact that Von Miller moved on to sign with the Buffalo Bills now places the Broncos’ theory to the test. The Bills paid for the Rams’ version of the player, but will he end up fizzling as the Broncos expect?