LA Rams Roster: We will make you Super Bowl champions

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LA Rams Roster Eric Weddle
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Defensive secondary

Cornerback – Jalen Ramsey (trade)

The LA Rams may have one of the best defensive backs in the NFL today, but when the team traded for the player who was selected fifth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft, there was quite a negative rhetoric floating among NFL circles about the young man. Described as egotistical, locker room cancer, and roster toxic, the LA Rams embraced the young, traded a small fortune to acquire him from the Jacksonville Jaguars, and immediately set into place to compensate him as one of the best defensive backs in the NFL.

Oh, and the fact that he played with two injured shoulders should be mentioned somewhere. So let’s drop that here.

Safety Nick Scott (seventh round)

The fact is that defensive back Nick Scott is truly one of the team’s unsung heroes. He was added to the team’s roster in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft with the 243rd overall pick. Despite a lackluster 2021 regular season, he was forced into service as both of the LA Rams’ starting safeties were injured in the last game of the regular season.

Scott only proved to be a godsend, making at least two game-changing plays through the playoffs, and proving to be larger than the biggest game in the NFL. He was outstanding throughout the entire NFL Playoffs.

Safety Eric Weddle (signed out of two-year retirement)

Before the LA Rams contacted defensive back Eric Weddle and offered a chance for him to come back and play for them in the NFL Playoffs, Weddle had happily retired from the NFL two years prior. So the Rams essentially brought him off his living room sofa back into service in the NFL. Not only was Weddle serviceable, but he proved to be capable of calling the defensive plays.

Cornerback Darious Williams (claimed off NFL waiver wire)

The LA Rams fill roster spots from all avenues possible. But finding a starting cornerback from the Baltimore Ravens waiver wire is certainly one for the books. Williams played for the team in the latter part of 2019 and proved to be solid in coverage. He was worked into the Rams secondary rotation in 2020, and ultimately became the team’s starting cornerback opposite Jalen Ramsey in 2021.

Look over the LA Rams’ starting defensive roster for SB LVI. Yes, there are some names who have earned a great deal of respect and NFL honors. But the Rams are more than big names. They are simply a group of NFL players with a great passion for the game. Are the Rams shackled with no first-round draft picks? Much like the NBA, the LA Rams have learned that building a championship roster means grabbing from wherever, and however, they can.

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